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Molina de Aragón

Apartments in the old post office

If you are looking for accommodation in Molina de Aragón, ours are located in the historic center of the city, in the main square a few steps from the most important monuments and places of touristic interest. Our three apartments have all the necessary amenities for you to enjoy your stay, such as Wi-Fi, TV and fully equipped kitchens. Choose between the different types of accommodation depending on your budget and number of people. 

Interior of the apartments and views from the accommodation to the Molina de Aragon castle

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The Surroundings

Molina de Aragón, located in the province of Guadalajara, is a hidden gem that radiates history and natural beauty. With its imposing castle that you can see from some of our accommodation, walking through Molina is like traveling back in time, from its ancient walls to its charming cobblestone streets. In addition, nature lovers can enjoy the impressive landscapes of the Alto Tajo Natural Park, which offers a wide variety of hiking trails, bird watching and water activities.

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